Bryant's Premium Fully Cooked Sausage - Hickory Smoked for that 'ole smokehouse taste'!



Bryant's Premium Fully Cooked Hickory Smoked Sausage
Beef, Pork, Andouille and Cajun Style

Bryant's Meat has been making delicious fully cooked hickory smoked sausage since 1972.


We have a large comprehensive product line that includes: beef, chicken, pork and turkey! We are constantly developing our product taste and health benefits. Our new turkey line is also fully cooked and a delicious way to enjoy healthy, time saving meals. We've added a NEW Tender Beef Casing to all our New 8 ounce Sausage Varieties!

We offer a wide variety of products to satisfy every taste and budget! Browse our product pages or download our product list to see what's new at Bryant's Meat.

At Bryant's we know how important it is to offer great quality at a great price.

The Bryant's Sausage Products below are now available in convenient 8 ounce packages!
All of our new 8 oz Sausage Products below have a NEW Tender Beef Casing!
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We all want healthy choices today. Bryant's has developed a line of turkey products that will
please your family. Cook up a great meal in minutes with Bryant's new turkey sausage, fully cooked and hickory smoked.


Bryant's Meat offers food service products
for hospitals and other institutions. We can customize products to meet your needs. 
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We now offer a selection of our fine hickory smoked sausage in 8 ounce packaging,for your convenience, the perfect size for your family meal. Look for our 8 ounce premium and turkey sausage packages in your local supermarket.

Our 8 ounce Premium Sausage Products have a "new tender beef casing that adds to your enjoyment of the texture and taste of our delicious smoked sausage!